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Mailvelope can be installed from the Chrome Web Store.

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A Firefox version of Mailvelope is available at

How does it work?

This documentation guides you through the basics to help you get started with Mailvelope.

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11/03/2019 - v3.1.0 | Mailvelope 3.1 with extended key management features: change private key password, change key expiration time, add new email addresses to key or revoke existing ones. Further changes.
15/05/2018 - v2.2.2 | Implications of Efail on Mailvelope
19/12/2017 - v2.1.0 | New dashboard view, redesigned main menu. Firefox add-on is now available at
18/04/2017 - v1.7.2 | First release for Firefox with embedded WebExtension (Firefox 52 required)
10/07/2016 - v1.5.1 | Release of the Mailvelope key server.
11/05/2016 - v1.4.0 | File encryption and key search.


Mailvelope is free and open source. Help support its continued development.

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Mailvelope is based on OpenPGP.js, a JavaScript implementation of the OpenPGP standard.